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Flexson's new range of wall-mount brackets are designed and made in the UK and not only offer a strong rigid way of mounting but are a styled to be discreet and are colour matched to Sonos products. Brackets for Play:1, Play:3 and Play:5 can be angled up and down, and side to side for perfect alignment in any situation and clever design means installation is straight-forward and avoids the need for two pairs of hands!

 Bildschirm, Peripherie Monitore

 Bildschirm, Peripherie Präsentation / Beamer

 Bildschirm, Peripherie Akkus / Strom
ab 22,00 EUR ab 22,00 EUR

 Bildschirm, Peripherie Scanner

 Bildschirm, Peripherie Multimedia
ab 33,00 EUR

 Komponenten, Netzwerk Kabel / Adapter
ab 22,00 EUR ab 13,00 EUR

 Komponenten, Netzwerk Akkus / Strom
ab 22,00 EUR ab 22,00 EUR

 TV, SAT, Heimkino TV Geräte

 TV, SAT, Heimkino DVD / Blu-ray / Harddisk

 TV, SAT, Heimkino Kabel / Adapter

 Audio, Hi-Fi, Musik Audio Systeme

 Audio, Hi-Fi, Musik Audio Komponenten

 Audio, Hi-Fi, Musik Peripherie
ab 79,00 EUR

 Audio, Hi-Fi, Musik Kabel / Adapter

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