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DJI Innovations is the global leader in developing and manufacturing high performance, reliable, and easy-to- use small unmanned aerial systems (UAS), for commercial and recreational use. Our company of over 500 employees, among the largest in the UAS market, is dedicated to making aerial photography and videography accessible to professional photographers, cinematographers and hobbyists anytime, anywhere. Our global operations span North America, Europe and Asia. DJI is founded and run by people with a passion for remote-controlled helicopters and experts in flight control technology. Our advanced autopilot technology coupled with our unique gimbal stabilization system enables the camera on the remote-controlled helicopter to film and deliver images of comparable quality as those shot on manned helicopters in a safer and more cost effective manner. We are continually investing in the research and development of advanced unmanned aerial technologies to make them easier to use and

 Bildschirm, Peripherie Scanner

 Komponenten, Netzwerk Komponenten

 Smartphone, Tablet Mobiltelefone
ab 21,50 EUR ab 103,00 EUR ab 158,00 EUR

 Kamera, Optik Fotokameras
ab 260,00 EUR ab 33,00 EUR ab 25,00 EUR
ab 103,00 EUR ab 29,00 EUR ab 29,00 EUR

 Kamera, Optik Videokameras
ab 260,00 EUR ab 33,00 EUR ab 25,00 EUR
ab 103,00 EUR ab 29,00 EUR ab 29,00 EUR

 Kamera, Optik Objektive / Adapter
ab 16,00 EUR

 Spielen, Kreativität RC / Modellbau
ab 142,00 EUR ab 46,00 EUR ab 37,00 EUR
ab 2050,00 EUR ab 13,00 EUR

 Spielen, Kreativität Ferngesteuerte Spielwaren
ab 18,50 EUR

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